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Academic, scientific and cultural corporation, dedicated to high level scientific research, with a focus on all elements of Catalan culture.
Official Catalan dictionary approved by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans.
The official dictionary endorsed by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans before the publication of the DIEC.
Dictionary of opposites promoted by Oriol Vilaseca.
Initiative that involves sending to subscribers a word each day with examples of use. Subscription free.
Cultural association created in 1945. It is responsible for maintaining and developing Occitan language and culture through the unity and standardisation of all works pertaining to the field of Occitan culture. Occitan and Catalan are very similar languages.
Aranese is the name given to the Occitan language of the Val d’Aran. The language d’hoc or Occitan belongs to the neo-Latin or Romance language group. Aranese is a variant of the Gascon dialect (of Occitan). Gascon is the Occitan dialect that differs most from Catalan.
-Welsh-English dictionary/Diccionari Gal·lès Anglès
-Wales-Catalonia Website/La web de Gal·les i Catalunya.
David Casellas is author of a dictionary of sayings and idioms of the Catalan language spoken in the Girona area.
Cultural magazine from Catalunya Nord (French Catalonia). French Catalonia has five areas: Rosselló, Conflent, Vallespir, Capcir and part of the Cerdanya. Magazine promoted by Pasqual Tirach, a contributor to this dictionary.
Poetry-based website, which includes information about the poet Anna M. Ticoulat, and the opportunity to read and listen to her poems. Ticoulat contributes to the Dicionari pràctic i complimentari de la llengua catalana.
Scottish author's website. Includes music, film and book reviews, as well as poetry and short stories in English from around the world.
  Culture & Society
Non-profit making collective independent of any political or cultural organisation, which is intended as a source of web information for the Catalan Countries, and provides a platform for topical social issues of interest.
  Independent electronic newspaper. Information, forums, search engine and other services.
Media review consisting of popular expressions, cultural and civic, of the Valencian identity. In addition to the ACPA, the Casals Jaume 1, is a leading player in this field.
Body founded in 1962 by Francesc de Borja Moll and other outstanding intellectual figures from that era of Majorcan civil life. It aims to give a pre-eminent place to the Catalan language and the history of the Catalan people in the Balearic Islands over the last eight centuries.
  Review of the Balearic Island of Ibiza (Eivissa in catalan). A magazine published by the Institute is available.
The IME is an autonomous administrative body with its own legal status. Created by the Consell Insular de Menorca (CIM), its aim is to research, the promotion and diffusion of Menorcan culture , and to develop a reception and exchange centre of science and philosophy.
Website that collects a wide range of information about la Franja de Ponent (The Western Strip), a Catalan speaking region in Aragon.
Casal Català de Vancouver    
Documenta Balear  
Catalonia Today  
English language newspaper dealing with Catalan issues. Intended for non-Catalans who are living in or visiting Catalonia.
Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN)   News agency of the local Catalan press.
Diari Avui   Daily newspaper written in Catalan.
Diari El Punt   Daily newspaper written in Catalan. Available in various local editions (Girona, Terres de l’Ebre, Barcelones…).
Catalunya Ràdio   Catalan radio covering the general area.
Natàlia Solé   Website dedicated to the translation of texts in English, French, Spanish and Catalan. Legal texts.

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